Get your Wish – Sincere, melodic electropop

Porter Robinson begins the new decade with his upcoming album by the name of nurture, which appears to be a much more personal endeavor than Worlds. We get a glimpse of this with his newly released single Get your Wish, a sincerely written and beautifully produced electro/synth-pop track.

The song’s lyrics explain the ability to find reason in your life and continuing to live on with that in mind. This coupled with the dreamy production is exactly the style that we know Porter Robinson by. This is further established through the artificial vocals, repetitive percussion, and the explosive and atmospheric chorus.

so tell me how it felt when you walked on water?

did you get your wish?

The direction for Porter’s new music is much more introspective and personal, and if it contains the charm that we all love him for while also containing its own unique freshness and concept, then I’m all for it.

Get your Wish is heavenly. It’s magical. It’s Porter.

Grade: A