Why Don’t You Play in Hell? – Not for me

Why Don’t You Play In Hell? is a stylish and high-octane love letter to cinema. It’s insane and ridiculous with a quirky sense of humour, but unfortunately, it wasn’t for me. Some of the jokes and comedic moments made me smile, others not so much. A lot of the appeal comes from its ridiculous story but it never felt interesting. It’s crazy for the sake of being crazy, stylish with no substance but relying on the character’s ridiculous personalities. Investment is important for me when enjoying a movie, and I never felt invested in the film’s story nor in the film’s annoying characters. I liked some parts of it, like its stylish direction and the massacre of an ending, but it didn’t leave a lasting impression. Either you will love the craziness or that craziness doesn’t click. For me, it was the latter.

Grade: C