Psycho – Another R&B Behemoth by Red Velvet

Beginning with a twisty Zimzalabim, following up with a summertime Umpah Umpah, and finishing off with an explosive R&B banger that is Psycho, Red Velvet have fittingly concluded their ReVe Festival concept with style.

Psycho‘s chorus is one of the catchiest and melodious I’ve ever heard from RV. The members once again show their ability to harmonize perfectly, and the production sets everything into motion. The trap beat is filled with explosive percussion, stylish synths, and the elegant plucking of chords, providing a perfect backdrop for RV’s vocals to shine. The music video is extremely polished and highlights the sophisticated nature of the song. The cinematography and editing here are insane, and there’s a lot of classy shots to unpack. Psycho has a pretty simple and clear-cut theme that is maximized to its potential. It’s classy yet explosive. Elegant but tinted with feral-like qualities. It’s definitely psycho.

Grade: A+