If it is crazy enough to work, then why not?

A high-school girl gets dumped by her boyfriend. She then decides to perform a massacre with her trusty chainsaw. That is the plot of Saitama Chainsaw Shoujo, and it is stupid enough to work.

This manga is not anything special. It does not hold an underlying deep meaning nor does it contain a hidden genius narrative that is waiting to be unearthed. Instead, it works to shove in as much of its crazy as it can within six chapters, and it does it with grace. The manga never takes itself seriously, but even when it does, it executes its dramatic points in a way that makes fun of itself. It fully embraces just how over-the-top its story is, and it never strays away from its stupidity.

Following its absurd story, the manga also features a jarring sense of humour that is dark and offbeat. It is awkwardly inserted between points of dramatic tension and does not feel natural at all – in a similar vein to Akame Ga Kill’s¬†horrible comedic timing – but in this case, it is weird enough to work. It flows well with the tone of the story.

It would be a big mistake to take this manga at anything other than face value. It is direct and straightforward, and while it does contain a neat twist, it remains a tight and compacted short story. Being only six chapters long, it manages to provide a quick and fun read with enough “what the fuck” moments to wonder what the fuck is going on. It never stops its momentum either, speeding right through to its destination without breaks. It is unrelenting in its silliness, and the pacing works well with the manga’s premise.

Saitama Chainsaw Girl shows just how interesting a crazy premise can be, introducing one mindless thing after another. Is it stupid? Definitely, but it embraces its ridiculousness with joy as the heroine slices through to her goal. If it is crazy enough to work, then why not?

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