ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept. is an underrated anime

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka is a mature show with style. Concerned with politics and culture, it delivers a steady story filled with mystery while also being wrapped with a relaxed atmosphere. Driven by an interesting assortment of characters and stylised by its colorful and vibrant animation, ACCA’S lack of explosiveness is replaced with all the right amounts of flair.

Enter Jean Otus, an inspector in the ACCA Inspection Department, an aloof individual tasked with helping ACCA preserve the peace of the show’s world. Along the way, conspiracies are shared, mysteries are hinted at, and somewhere along the line, Jean gets involved in a political mission that’s much more than what it seems.

ACCA’s story is straightforward in its premise but clever and thoughtful in its execution. This is elevated with the likable cast of characters that have their own quirks that serve to create interesting interactions and dialogue as the plot thickens and mysteries are revealed. The vibrant animation helps in creating a relaxed and chilled aesthetic even when the more serious scenes take center stage. The way it balances both serious drama and its relaxed comedic moments is smooth, feeling realistic in a way that fits naturally into the show’s concept. Given that most of the show is structured in a seemingly episodic fashion, the overarching plot at play is still given its needed focus while also allowing time for the audience to breathe. Even with the mystery aspects in mind, which are intricately presented and executed, there is still a lot to enjoy from the show’s quirky sense of humour. It also makes the show’s ending that much more fulfilling.

The portrayals of all the various districts that Jean visits throughout the course of the show are properly realised in a brief but thorough manner, giving each place their own personality and distinct culture that sets them apart from each other. A lot of this is due to the animation which does a great job at executing the look and feel of the different districts. Given the various introductions to different places, ACCA has a very fun and comfy road-trip vibe that doesn’t overstay its welcome and presents the viewer an interesting new setting to take in in the world of ACCA. A lot of what makes ACCA so unique and fresh is not only from its politically driven story and interesting characters, but also with its powerful and bright way of incorporating visual imagery and creating a wonderful overall setting with its animation.

While ACCA does lack in giving fully-realised characterization, its characters still fill their role as interesting personalities, with its main duo being extremely likable and entertaining to watch. Jean and Nino make for the perfect partners, relaxed and aloof, and their interesting personalities establish a likable pair to invest in. The rest of the characters are also great in their own way, and even while a lack of screentime – especially with an anime that is only 12 episodes long -, may hurt the story, ACCA does a great job in handling its characters in a way that doesn’t leave them underutilised.

ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka is a show with style. A political mystery filled with likable characters and an equally captivating story, wrapped with a blanket of colorful animation, it delivers in its own unique way. And I loved every bit of it.

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