The Man From Nowhere is a revenge film with an emotional payoff

The ones that live for tomorrow, get fucked by the ones living for today.

The Man From Nowhere is an emotionally charged revenge film accompanied by brutal character backgrounds and a captivating relationship between two unlikely individuals. It has stunning fight choreography (especially in the final fight sequence), stylish cinematography, and establishes a critical connection between the audience and the characters. During the exposition, before the adrenaline-filled action, a heartbreaking conversation between a young girl and a man serve to act as the emotional core for the film and pulls the audience into the ride. This emotional center is what drives home the film’s story with the main man’s tragic past and his quest to fulfill his own personal motivation.

The film doesn’t shy away from its dark themes such as child trafficking, drug trafficking, and organ harvesting. It’s upfront and horrid, but it plays to the film’s established setting and tone. It makes the revenge satisfying and relieving, and it gives way to the wholesome and bittersweet ending which is a fitting and natural way to conclude the film.

The Man From Nowhere may follow the typical format of a revenge movie, but it goes above and beyond in creating characters we care about. It lays the foundation for an extremely satisfying yet bittersweet emotional payoff, and really, that’s enough for me to love it.

Grade: A+

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