Creepy starts off strong but ends up disappointing

Creepy is a Japanese psychological mystery-thriller that starts off strong but goes downhill due to poor characterization, writing, and a predictable story.

The characters have unusual and unrealistic behavior in the film, displayed by dumbfounded acts that seem to only happen for plot convenience. Besides the antagonist, who’s an exceptional villain played wonderfully by Teruyuki Kagawa, the rest of the characters felt plain and uninteresting. The main protagonist, who’s a criminal psychologist and detective, ends up being the basic archetype of a man who’s too obsessed with his work without noticing his deteriorating relationship with his wife.

The plot threads surrounding this movie get interwoven in an interesting way but halfway through, a significant plot point gets cast aside and gives the audience no real sense of closure. The film’s second half is where things start going downhill as the film opts for a more psychological thriller that’s executed in a meandering manner but has no real payoff in the end. The movie starts off strong with an incredibly creepy and foreboding atmosphere, but once the mystery is revealed, the story traverses an area of predictability and mediocrity.

The first half of the film is amazing. The movie always feels off. The antagonist plays off this wrongness in an exceptional way, giving a multitude of layers to the film’s already established atmosphere and mystery. It’s a shame that the second half is bland in comparison as Creepy establishes a lot of potential in its first half but ends up succumbing to poorly-written characters and a downward spiral of a mediocre story.

Grade: D

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