Trollhunter is pure entertainment, and that’s a good thing

Trollhunter is one of the most gorgeous found-footage films I have ever seen. Set in the lushes landscapes of Norway, Trollhunter depicts three college students filming a Trollhunter’s job. It isn’t anything complex, and it doesn’t need to be. Trollhunter‘s specialty isn’t in being thematically dense; it’s specialty lies in being pure, unfiltered entertainment sprinkled with beautiful and natural cinematography. It’s immersive nature is delivered through its road trip vibe, but it never uses it as a crutch as it does contain an interesting story filled with thorough world-building and characters that drive the plot forward in a favorable direction. The film is absolutely packed with the adrenaline feeling of being in that adventure yourself, and that feeling is delivered perfectly. The story paves the way for an enjoyable ride, and the characters, in particular the Trollhunter, are fun to watch.  With a lot of movies being either successful or unsuccessful at creating something complex, or being just plain lazy and generic, Trollhunter manages to distance itself away from those two aspects and lets itself be the wonderful entertainment that it is. And I applaud it for it.

Grade: B



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