DUN DUN is an improvement over Everglow’s previous titles

Everglow continues to follow the prevalent girl-crush concept that remains popular in Korea. Their comeback titled DUN DUN is no exception, following the same theme as their previous title tracks, Bon Bon Chocolat and Adios. However, there’s a major difference between this newest release and their previous outputs: it flows much, much better.

The chorus is explosive and aggressive; it’s the same kind of sound that the group is known for, except for the fact that the choruses feel more fun and less repetitive, with the repetitiveness being a criticism I have for their previous title tracks. The verses are also equally as enticing, especially when the rappers of the group take center stage and deliver the fierce energy that the group is all about.

DUN DUN ultimately does feel derivative, but I cannot deny how fun it is to listen to. I’m personally still loving the song even after looping it for quite some time. The group is still riding off the tail end of their previous releases, and it makes sense considering how successful those songs were for them. That being said, they take it up a notch and deliver a banger in the same vein that is executed more efficiently. Everglow is evolving their fierce energy, and I can’t wait for what they come up with next. They crushed this comeback.

Grade: B


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