Feel Special – Establishing TWICE’s maturity

After letting TWICE’s recent album sink in for a couple days, I feel obligated to write something about this major highlight of their career. Showing improvement with Fancy You this year, TWICE have been ramping up and evolving their sound throughout 2019 with Fancy, Breakthrough, and now their latest lead single, Feel Special. To be honest, Fancy You felt more like demos hinting at their change and Feel Special solidifies it.

You make me feel special
No matter how the world brings me down
Even when hurtful words stab me
I smile again ’cause you’re there
That’s what you do
Again I feel special
One moment I feel like I’m nothing at all
Like no one would notice if I were gone
But then when I hear you calling me
I feel loved, I feel so special

What makes the lead single one of my favorite TWICE songs is the content of the lyrics. It is written from a place of sincerity and warmth, showing a more intimate side of the relationship between the members. Despite the hardships TWICE has faced, they’re still without a doubt one of the most famous KPOP groups and it wouldn’t feel the same without their chemistry with each other. This is emphasised with production that is groovy throughout, with an explosive chorus that is accompanied by pleasant vocals. Unfortunately, I still have a gripe with this song, and I find this in many TWICE records. There is an awkward transition into a rap verse that does not flow well with the feel of the song at all. Fortunately, the other tracks that feature rapping have smoother introductions into their rap verses. Regardless, without the heartfelt lyrics, this single wouldn’t have felt as organic as it was.

Speaking of the other tracks, all of them are bops. Yeah, nothing else to say other than that. The production in this, especially with songs like LOVE FOOLISH and TRICK IT, is gorgeous. There is also GET LOUD that sounds like a bold anthem and I love it. Beautiful melodies synergising with amazing vocals make this album a pleasant listen throughout. The only track that still has yet to grow on me is the closing ballad – 21:29. Ballads for me are usually a no-go so it’s a preference thing, but groups such as Red Velvet and LOONA are able to produce ballads that are equally delicate and passionate. 21:29, I feel, doesn’t seem like that. It’s a nice song definitely, but only really when I’m in a certain mood. Oh well.

Feel Special is certainly a delight. It will go down as a classic in TWICE’s discography and maybe even as a classic within KPOP overall. Regardless of how you feel, Feel Special feels special.

Grade: B+

The Genius Behind “What is Love”

I’m not entirely sold on TWICE’s music with the exception of their recent tracks – like the punchy Breakthrough – and their latest mini-album Fancy that establishes their growth as artists. However, What is Love? is one of the few TWICE songs that have resonated with me due to its sheer simplicity and perfect execution. It is presented as an infectious tune with catchy choruses, cute vocals, and upbeat production. This makes up a majority of the Korean Girl Group’s music, but what sets the aforementioned song apart from the rest of their discography is the way the music video enhances the subject TWICE is speaking on – Love.

How it could be as sweet as candy

How it’s like flying in the sky

What exactly is love? What does it feel like? These questions get answered through the music video’s implementation of movies. The members of the group sit in front of a TV as they binge-watch various films that make them feel giddy inside. From “La La Land” to “Romeo & Juliet”, each person imagines herself in a movie that has its own interpretation of love. Their only way of grasping the idea of romance is through watching instead of experiencing, and the lyrics enforce the idea of them being childishly naive but also excited to try it out. Each member has their own movie based on their perspective on love which ties to the desired message – love can mean anything. Regardless of whether you agree, the music video is too cute to pass up.


I absolutely adore the way they handled such a beloved and universal concept by turning it from a seemingly simple subject to a theme filled with underlying depth. Love can mean a lot of things and both the song and MV communicate that perfectly. Not only is What is Love? thematically rich, but it’s also an enjoyable listen.

Grade: A